6 Ideas for an unforgettable marriage proposal in the New Year

How about using the new year to declare your love for your better half and propose to her? If you were still unsure when to take this step in your relationship, know that this is a good time. After all, the New Year holidays stir up all kinds of positive emotions and are in themselves a promise of a new cycle filled with hope and joy. The proposal of marriage in the New Year is already a guarantee that the coming 365 days will begin in an unforgettable way. To add to the festive and exciting mood, here are some ways to make the marriage proposal magical. Romance is in the air and deserves to be celebrated in style!

1. Host a party

If you want to share the moment with friends and family, it’s best to organise the event yourself! Have a New Year’s Eve party where you can decide the soundtrack, guest list and even the prominent place to pop the question in advance. This is the perfect excuse to prepare the surprise without raising suspicion, guaranteeing quality shots with the best reactions before the “yes”.

2. Host a private party

For reserved or shy couples, on the other hand, the way out for the dream marriage proposal is far from cameras and limelight. In this case, a New Year’s Eve celebration in a special setting for the two of you, with privacy, peace and a beautiful view is the solution. Be sure to choose the ideal setting to exchange kind words, make a toast and surprise your love. This way, the two can cry in peace and celebrate together.

3. List of resolutions

No Diet Promises. The best tradition of New Year’s resolutions is to see the calendar change as an opportunity to set goals. This includes spending time together with the person you love. So ask your partner about their resolutions, and when it’s your turn, declare that you want to spend the rest of the year together. If you are a well-organised couple, try listing your wishes together and end with the topic of marriage.

4. Put together a romantic retrospective

Another common custom at this time is to remember what was remarkable about the past year. The most listened to songs, the most popular photos, the funniest programmes for two. It’s the perfect opportunity to put together a collection of the couple’s special moments, whether in digital format or even as a scrapbook. Building the mood with these memories, the marriage proposal is the perfect golden key.

5. Use rituals and traditions

From champagne toasts to pomegranate and grape sympathies, everyone has their own ritual for a prosperous new year. They are meaningful practices that are great for asking the most important question. Traditions involving food and drink, for example, are great for tying the knot. The excitement of fireworks or the seven jumps over the waves are another great way to surprise your partner with the proposal.

6. Escape with love

End-of-year celebrations are a great time for a romantic getaway for two. Whether you celebrate New Year’s Eve with your loved one in a fancy hotel or in a small house in the middle of the forest, the change of scenery alone makes the occasion special. The atmosphere of a New Year’s Eve with your loved one in a different place, away from everyday life, guarantees that the occasion will be even more memorable.

As you can see, the key to a dream marriage proposal is to make it an invigorating and magical experience for both of you. We hope that with our tips we can help you find an idea that fits the most exciting proposal occasion. So we wish that the celebration of the arrival of a new year brings with it the tangible promise of love and renewal, through the marriage proposal with the broad smiles of the lovebirds and the wish for a long life for this love!