Spring wedding! 6 good reasons to get married in the flower season!

“When spring came […] our problems disappeared, except that of knowing where to be happiest”. The writer Ernest Hemingway sums up well the feeling that comes when the most blossoming time of the year arrives, that feeling of a new beginning after winter, the awakening of a new climate! Spring is not only inspiration for many artists, couples planning their wedding day can also use this season as a source of ideas to enhance their wedding decor, bridal look and much more. Check out the best reasons to have a spring wedding!

1. Mild climate: outdoor connections

After the cold winter months, especially in the southern and south-eastern regions, spring arrives brightly and temperatures across the country are also on the rise. The heat is still not as intense as in summer, making the mild climate ideal for an outdoor wedding, the ultimate wish of so many couples. Whether on the beach, in the countryside, on farms or urban farms, it is possible to dream up a union that combines elegance and relaxation in just the right measure.

2. The flowers!

Spring, known as the “season of flowers”, displays the most beautiful facets of the national flora. The most diverse species bloom in abundance and are very special at this time of year, as some only sprout in spring. So there is nothing more beautiful than enjoying this privilege. Mix formats and textures and use the options that suit the visual identity.

At this time, there are more opportunities to find brighter and more intriguing tones that greatly benefit the décor, so try to go for a cheerful palette. Among the species that professionals indicate for decorating rooms are: Camellia, Gerbera (orange), Hydrangea, Lily, Glass of Milk, Rose (champagne), Carnation, Wildflowers, Calla and Mosquito, among many others.

3. The decoration of the tables

All seasons have their charm, but for a spring wedding, the table decorations look like a fairy tale! This is because the lighting combined with the flowers has a wonderful effect, which you can confirm in the photos.

4. The bride and groom’s attire

Both the wedding dress models and the groom’s attire must always be adapted to the season in which the engagement takes place, and this means that in spring the couple can explore accessories that relate to the climate (yes, that includes a bouquet of flowers with intense colours! How about investing in that boho chic aesthetic you love so much?

While they can invest in floral wreaths and lightweight dresses that play with transparencies, tatoo lace effects and 3/4 length sleeves, the bride and groom can take advantage of the good temperatures to wear light and equally lightweight sets, and depending on the style of the C-day, they can even ditch the jacket or blazer.

5. The menu

The spring climate makes it possible to invest in light menus, but also in the sophistication that a wedding deserves. While salads are best in summer, in spring you can invest in simple vegetable dishes as well as more elaborate dishes like risotto and seafood with creative garnishes without worrying that they will soon spoil. This is due to the climate.

6. The lighting: Longer days

With the arrival of spring, the days are getting longer and the nights shorter. This means that weddings that start in the morning or afternoon will last longer, especially if you opt for outdoor weddings, with beautiful natural light and a wonderful effect at dusk, in the golden hour flame .

For couples planning a lunch or brunch, this is the ideal time as they can offer their guests a reception in daylight with a menu adapted to the climate.

Saying yes to each other is exciting from January to December, but the more elements you can add to make this day as special as possible, the better. And spring has good reasons for you to choose it as “your season”. Spring is already in the air, so look at the dates, think about the details, choose exciting and meaningful songs to accompany each moment. Saying “I do” in these spring months will be the best (and most flowery) decision!