Human Hair Extensions for Wedding

Time, location, bride… everything is perfect! The wedding is just around the corner and you are still looking for the perfect look? Then we invite you to take a look at our human hair extensions article. They are the ideal solution for all brides who are looking for something extraordinarily beautiful for their big day!

Why human hair extensions for the wedding?

Human hair extensions are a wonderful way to complete your wedding hairstyle and perfect your look. The extensions create a more elegant look and make your hair look softer. They can be applied in the run up to the wedding as well as on the day itself to add the finishing touches to your look.

What types of extensions are there?

There are many different types of human hair extensions available to a bride. Some of the most popular are tape-in extensions, clip-in extensions and Remy hair extensions. These types of extensions differ in their structure, application and pricing.

Tape-in extensions are most commonly used for weddings. They are easy to use and provide a natural looking extension to the hair. They are applied using a special adhesive which is then applied to the head. The advantage of this type of extension is that it is quick and easy to apply and you don’t leave any marks after wearing it.

Clip-in extensions are perfect for weddings as they are easy to apply and remove. They come with small clips that are pushed directly into the hair to attach the extensions. The advantage of this type of extension is that you can attach them yourself and remove them easily after the wedding. Also, there is no risk here of exposing the hair to excessive heat or chemicals.

Remy hair extensions are the most expensive option among wedding extensions. This type of extension offers a long-lasting effect and perfectly matches any hair colour or texture. Remy hair is also very resistant to fading or yellowing over time. It is also very easy to maintain and has a soft feel compared to other types of extensions.

How do you choose the right colour and style?

Choosing the right colour and style for human hair extensions is a difficult decision. There are many factors that need to be considered before making a final decision. First, you should think about the style you prefer. Brown or black hair is the most commonly chosen colour for human hair extensions, but there are other colours to choose from. The first decision to make is the type of extensions: clip-in or weave. Clip-ins are smaller individual pieces that can be attached to your own hair using clips. Weave, on the other hand, is a fixed method of attaching human hair extensions and takes more time and effort to attach. The final decision is the length of the extensions. If clip-ins are chosen, they can be applied in different lengths, from short to long. Weave, on the other hand, can only be applied in certain lengths and depends on the style.

How do you care for your extensions?

If you wear human hair extensions, there are some additional care instructions you need to follow to ensure your hair stays healthy and shiny. First, don’t wash your extensions every day. Instead, wash them every two to three days with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water. Rinse them thoroughly afterwards to ensure that no traces of the shampoo remain.

Also, do not use a hair dryer or curling iron to style your extensions. Instead, leave them air dry or dry them with a diffuser. If you must blow dry your extensions, set the hair dryer to the lowest setting and hold it at least six centimetres away from your hair. This way, the hair will not be dried out as much and there is less risk of it being damaged.

To avoid knots in your extensions, brush them gently every day with a soft brush or comb. Always use strands instead of brushing the whole head at once to avoid hair breakage. Make sure the brush is not too hard as this can damage the hair. If your extensions have curly hair, brush them carefully so as not to damage the curls.

For the best care, have your extensions professionally washed and trimmed regularly. This will help remove split ends and ensure your hair stays healthy. Professional hairdressers use special shampoos and conditioners for human hair extensions that are not too aggressive and do not damage the hair.

How much does a set of extensions cost?

This depends on the type of extensions you want. Human hair extensions are usually more expensive than synthetic hair extensions, but they also look much more natural and last longer. If you are looking for a set of extensions that will create fuller and longer hair, you can expect prices between 200 and 400 euros.