How to write wedding vows: 9 golden tips for couples

One of the most emotional and symbolic moments of the ceremony is when the couple says their long-awaited vows. And what are wedding vows? This is the moment when you declare all your intentions and love to the person standing in front of you. It is an opportunity to reaffirm all the reasons that led you to this day, a personal way to express the commitment and expectations you have for the new life after marriage. And when it is time to write down your vows, it is normal to find it difficult to put all your feelings on paper.

How to write wedding vows for the bride or groom? Writing down everything you want to talk about can be a difficult task, especially if you want to write very authentically. But don’t worry. If you’re wondering how to write your wedding vows, we have ideas for wedding vows with simple tips that can help you describe everything you’re feeling. If you’re walking down the aisle soon, these tips are for you!

1. Start writing your vows in advance

Don’t leave it to the last minute whether it’s a church wedding or a civil ceremony. The pressure of running out of time doesn’t help and you need to pause to find the right words. The first tip is to start writing in advance. How much time? That depends on the individual.

They need to take the time to write their vows from the bride to the groom, and the same from the groom to the bride. If inspiration comes slowly, you should start writing three to one month before the wedding day. However, if you prefer to write everything at once when the inspiration comes, three weeks in advance may be enough. The important thing is that they have enough time not to feel pressured and write anyway.

2. Report on the progress of the relationship

If you run out of words, don’t force yourself to put pointless things on paper. One idea that will open the doors to inspiration is to remember your entire love story. Remember the time when you first met, when you realised there was “more”. Chart the course of this love and try to list the most memorable moments of each phase in chronological order. You know the details very well, from the first kiss to the marriage proposal, and it will certainly be nice to share the emotions of those days with the guests. Try to summarise these moments in your wedding vows.

3. The reasons they fell in love

Ideas for wedding vows are not that far away: how about looking at the couple’s own history? Write down the most outstanding qualities that made you fall in love and love each other every day. Everything that makes up your match… the perfect match for you! And it’s not just about the qualities. You can also talk about the little flaws that defiantly deserve to be remembered because they are part of the personality of the person who won you over.

4. Don’t get hung up on greatness

There is no rule or protocol for the length of wedding vows. A beautiful and romantic text can be both short and long. It is important to put on paper what is needed to convey your feelings sincerely without thinking about the size of the text! Sometimes a small sentence has more impact than a long text. Stick to what you feel at the moment you are writing and let love take over the words.

5. Use other inspirational texts

Take inspiration from great writers, composers, poets or even film wedding vows to put your feelings on paper. Sometimes the lyrics of a song or a poem seem to have been written specifically to describe your relationship, and this will definitely give you a lot of inspiration. You can turn to the great masters of literature and other artists to write your marriage vows. But remember: don’t copy, be inspired!

6. Commit to the future

Think about the future you dream for yourselves and repeat out loud everything you want for your life together. These wishes can and should be part of your marriage vows. Declare the commitment you want to make to this new life after marriage. This shows that you are committed to your own feelings and the feelings of your loved one. The vows of love from when you first met can now be recalled and reaffirmed.

7. Maintain your privacy

Even though they want to express all their affection and passion in the most transparent way possible, it is important to remember that these vows can be done with a little discretion to preserve your intimacy. Remember that you will be reading these words in front of all your guests, including family members. You must know the limits of what you can say about your partner in front of so many people, even if they are part of your circle.

8. Don’t be ashamed to be intense

Restrained, yes, but never ashamed to show the love they feel! Believe me, the moment of vows is a magical moment and as such, it deserves an emotional declaration of love at its peak. Don’t be afraid to write with feeling and emotion and let your heart be your guide. Show how happy you are to build a family and a fulfilling life with this person. Do not censor your own romance!