5 tips for choosing wedding video music

Capturing the unforgettable moments of the wedding in photos and videos is one way to immortalise the memory. And even if it sounds a bit cliché, it is a joy to relive the emotions of the big day through these pictures. A perfect wedding video shows the joy of the couple, the emotions of the guests and the happiness of the celebration. Therefore, it is important not only to choose good videographers to guarantee flawless images, but also to pay attention to other “details” of the video. The setting gives the video a special touch, but there is one element that makes all the difference: the songs in the wedding video. They are the ones that reinforce the message that the couple wants to convey with the final result of the production, and the soundtrack plays a crucial role in this. That’s why we’re giving you 5 pieces of advice to help you choose the music for your wedding video. Read on to the end to see a playlist of suggestions that will inspire lovers!

1. Choose songs that create a dialogue with your story

Do you have a theme song? Has a song shaped the couple’s journey? Do you enjoy listening to a particular artist together? Answering these questions is a good starting point for choosing songs for your wedding video. Choosing a composition that is part of your life will add more emotion to the video.

2. Pay attention to the lyrics

Choosing a song is not just about liking the beat, the musical arrangement or the performer, but also about attention and care. A composition also communicates through its lyrics, and it is necessary to check whether the lyrics tell a story that makes sense to the bride and groom. It is very important to keep this in mind when choosing a soundtrack for the wedding video. Always check the translation of international songs so as not to convey the wrong message with the wrong choice.

3. Songs from other phases of the marriage for inspiration

Choosing songs for the wedding video requires the same care and attention as choosing the compositions that will be part of the ceremony and celebration. You have chosen a particular song for the groomsmen and another for the rings, because now it is time to consider all these requirements to create the best soundtrack for the wedding video.

4. Consider the type of ceremony

Do you want to convey pure romance, a lot of emotion, a touch of good humour or animation? The songs in the wedding video need to match the couple’s taste in music, but it’s also worth considering the style of the celebration and wedding ceremony: If the mood of the big day is more classical, it’s worth going for an equally exquisite tune. If the couple decides on a more relaxed celebration, with the wedding taking place outdoors, on the beach, you can already consider songs that reflect this atmosphere.

5. Consider the style of cut you want

In addition to choosing a song that relates to the bride and groom’s love story, it is important to think about the structure of the video, and this can be discussed in advance with the professionals. The final result will consist of different parts of the wedding, but you can also opt for a video that goes beyond the footage of the day by mixing old compositions from when the bride and groom were together with songs and other saved moments. This way the video gains rhythm and the editing becomes dynamic.