To choose the venue for your wedding

Planning the details for the big day is one of the dreams of brides and grooms as soon as they both decide to treat themselves to the long-awaited “Yes, I do!”. . Among the many things that need to be chosen, the room in which the wedding will be celebrated seems to be one of the most important points for the success of the event. Therefore, before making your decision, find out about the 5 steps to ensure that your love adventure does not turn into an odyssey.

1. Location

Geographical location and accessibility: many couples choose a venue close to home, while others pack their bags and celebrate their love elsewhere, both in Brazil and abroad. In any case, the location must be easy to reach so that guests can arrive at the wedding without worry and on time. Therefore, the various forms of transport must be possible without any problems, taking into account all possible means of transport.

Distance to the ceremony: Ideally, the distance between the ceremony and the venue should be short. Look for a place that has a chapel if you want to have a church wedding, or a place where you can have civil weddings. If you prefer separate venues, we recommend that you include simple directions so that guests do not have to struggle to find the address.

Distance from hotels: Some guests will need accommodation, especially if they are coming from other cities or countries, and others will want to enjoy the ceremony without worrying about drinking. Therefore, try to choose a space where you can stay overnight after the celebration or where you can find good hotels nearby.

Casa de Babette is a venue where every corner tells a story. Located in São Paulo, the space was founded by two friends, an artist and an audiovisual producer, and offers in one place most of the necessary elements to elaborate an unforgettable event, such as sophisticated gastronomy, an exclusive collection of furniture and lighting.

2. Infrastructure

Total area: How big is the venue? How many metres does it have? How many environments? Does it have green areas? Ask yourself these questions and define what you really want. With good information about the space, you can make the most of it, even if you spend a lot on it.

Indoor and outdoor areas: The different areas can help you create different wedding moments, from the welcome cocktail to the dance floor. Maybe only one or two spaces will suit you, it depends on the style, size and format you want to give your big day.

Couples looking for a unique venue surrounded by greenery and with incredible infrastructure can’t go past Lago Doce. Located in the city of Camaçari in Bahia, the venue offers a ballroom with a balcony, aquarium, stage and dance floor in a rustic Italian-style house with space for 400 guests. The natural landscape with its lakes and lush vegetation provides the perfect backdrop for the most enchanting celebrations.

Ease of access: consider the guests who will be attending your wedding and enquire about access to the different areas of the space, as the elderly, guests with reduced mobility and children will need to ensure good mobility.

Ceremony space: If you want to hold your wedding in your chosen space, check the options it offers: Chapel, garden, hall and other venues for the ceremony. Don’t forget to ask if the setting can accommodate all the guests.

Alternatives for bad weather: the weather can affect your wedding, so it is important that the venue offers covered areas or alternatives such as marquees to avoid unforeseen events. Remember to check out the options to prevent a sudden downpour from ruining one of the best days of your life.

Recognised as one of the most beautiful places in the country, it offers the possibility of hosting an unforgettable celebration in the countryside with the quality, comfort and sophistication of the city. Its architecture has been thought out down to the smallest detail and offers a large outdoor area, a kitchen, independent service areas, a chapel, a dance floor and other solutions to make the event perfect.

3. Exclusivity

Celebration of other weddings: It is very important to know if only your wedding will be held on the chosen date or if other weddings will be held at the same time. It is recommended that the venue hosts only one celebration, but if this is not the case, you should carefully analyse the organisation of the spaces and the design of the surroundings and gardens to avoid any possible problems.

Availability of timetables: All rooms have their timetables, which must be agreed when the contract is signed. Establish with the management the timetable for setting up the space and the celebration, as well as all the conditions and services, in order to avoid possible surprises that could disrupt your day.