Types of wedding attire: How to choose the ideal look?

For a bride who wants a perfect wedding reception, every detail is important. From the decorations to the invitation, from the bridesmaids’ dresses to those of the guests. But is it possible to influence these people’s wedding attire without being rude?

Since the dress is related to the style of the party, it is important to make it clear to the guests how they should dress. Even if some people think that this attitude no longer exists, specifying the attire for the wedding helps the guests to dress.

In this article, you will learn that the type of dress depends on whether it is a day or a night wedding, how the indication of dress should look on the invitations and what are the most important types of dress. Check it out!


It is not only the style of the party that has an impact on the attire of the wedding guests. The timetable also has a big influence and must fit the proposal you have in mind. As we will see below, there are costumes that range from very informal to very formal.

Casual attire, such as a smart sports suit, may be the right style for evening events, but is also great for daytime weddings. After all, a suit and tie in dark colours does not suit the relaxed atmosphere of a party in the sunlight.

Generally, weddings take place during the day at lunchtime or in the late afternoon to enjoy the sunset. The most common places for these celebrations are beaches and squares.

For night celebrations, formality and luxury can also be abused. For women, the dress, style and schedule must also be the same so that they can choose the best make-up.


As we have seen, it is advisable to indicate the guests’ attire so that they do not get lost when preparing for the celebration and so that the celebration is harmonious.

To suggest the outfit to the guests, you can write the type of outfit at the bottom of the invitation and more or less explain what it is about. If you decide to create a website for the wedding, you can include examples of the costumes. This will make it easier for your guests to get an idea of the style.

If you don’t want to specify the attire on the invitation, you can give subtle hints of what the style will look like. A traditional invitation with cursive letters and hints that it is a luxurious celebration indicates that the style should be formal.

A relaxed design and a daytime celebration indicate that the style of the suit is lighter. However, it is good to remember that none of this works as much as an explicit indication of dress.


If you still don’t know what costume to order for your guests, think first about the style of the party. After all, these things go together. Research the wedding trends for the day and night, analyse the dresses of each style and assess whether they match your expectations.


Even though it is not recommended for weddings, it is worth clarifying what casual wear is so that you better understand the beautiful sport. Casual wear is the everyday clothes you wear on weekends to barbecues with friends and informal birthdays.

In practice, for men this means a polo shirt, jeans and tailored shorts. For women, low sandals and a short dress are fine.


Sport is a style of dress that already has a certain formality and is very suitable for daytime events. If you prefer this style for the evening, you should be clear about the type and size of the party. It fits well at a small reception for familiar people, but not at a more formal party.

For gentlemen, the fine sport does away with the tie. A suitable outfit is a dinner jacket shirt, twill trousers and a good belt and shoes. If it is cold, a jumper fits well, as does a blazer. As it is not so formal, guests can venture into colours and textures.

For women, dresses are short, hairstyles should be simple, as should make-up. Other options are tailored skirts and trousers.


The full tour is the traditional suit and tie for men and dress for women. Since it’s more formal, you can’t go too bold. But to stand out, guests can choose different cuts and fabrics.

The size of the dress is up to the women, it can be short or long. The important thing is that it is formal and represents a “party” dress.

It is also important to remember that the complete tour for the day, as well as fine sports, requires light shades. Even in these tones they do not lose their formality. A daytime event doesn’t always have to be casual, does it?


This costume is rarer, but a good alternative for those who want to have a luxurious party. In this style, the men should wear dinner jackets and the women long dresses. It is the kind of attire that requires formality, more suitable for night parties.

Although it is a unique model, the dinner jacket can have differences in the quality of the fabric and in some accessories that the male guests can wear, such as the waistcoat.